For Tree Bids

I come out to meet you, to get your concerns and get the scope of the job. It’s important to meet person to person since this is a people to people business. I need to know what you think you need to get done and you can ask me questions. I can show you what I think needs to be done in addition to your concerns. I tell people it is important to meet the contractor to form an opinion.

We will discuss each trees needs and make a diagram as to the location of the tree on the property in relationship to your house with extensive notes as to the detail of the work to be done on each tree or its removal. This I leave with you. When you are ready to do the work, you simply sign this at the space provided and it serves as your work order.

I personally supervise the climbers and grounds men as to what is to be done to each tree based on our discussion. If possible, you should be present to look at each tree before the climber comes down to see if any additional limbs you want to be removed and the tree meets your approval. This way you can be completely satisfied with the work. Sometime my climbers find faults in the trees that can only be seen from above and need to be pointed out to you for correction while I am on site.

For landscape bids

I bring landscape books with photos and descriptions and get the scope of the job from you and any particular plant preferences. While I am with you I start making an itemized work sheet of each bed area to be landscaped with number of plants, mulch, ground cover, stone work, edging etc. that is required. With this work sheet, we can add to or delete from to get a final work order that will give you a detailed bid and price for your project. My job with my many years of experience of helping people is to get your ideas organized into a plan and execute the plan in a timely professional manner in the most cost effective way. My job is to save you time and money from making costly mistakes. I guarantee all plants, sod, trees, shrubs and workmanship for one year.

Raised in the country on a farm and ranch, I have been professionally trained by Howard Garrett, The Dirt Doctor and have taken extensive courses at Texas A&M Agriculture Extension Service.

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